5 Reasons Why You Have to Get COMFY Starting NOW

Well to start, because Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness is coming out in 2 days! But seriously, it is time to provide yourself with the morning you deserve. It is time to wake up earlier, feel excited to wake up, and focus on YOU before the days’ responsibilities take over. It’s more important now than ever to take time for yourself, and the morning is the best time to do so.


For a brief refresher, Getting COMFY is a morning routine that stands for




For more detail on each one, check out my first post that outlines more of what you can do in each component! Here’s why you HAVE to Get COMFY every morning:


  1. Getting COMFY gives you something to look forward to

It’s 6am. Your room is still dark, the sun isn’t even thinking about coming up until at least 7, and you only slept for 4 hours. Yet, you jump out of bed, wake up your roommates, start blasting music, and crack open a beer. You haven’t even thought about going back to bed or hitting snooze. You’re ready for the day, and you’re up and about with a smile, preparing for that 8am tailgate.


This is how our mornings go when we are excited to do something. Now, that excitement is not always going to come from getting hammered from the second you wake up, but it does come from focusing on doing something that you want to do.


Getting COMFY is all about that – it’s a routine that literally ends with whatever it is that you are passionate about. So if it’s learning a new language, playing an instrument, or practicing a sport, get excited about it, and wake up and do it in the morning.


  1. Getting COMFY alleviates stress and anxiety

Our lives are stressful. We all have a lot going on. We all have a lot we want to achieve and feel like there is so little time. Getting COMFY places a strong emphasis on minimizing the stress and anxiety that consume our days. The routine includes mindfulness techniques as well as time for laughter, so that we realize each day should be viewed as an opportunity for growth, one that we can experience with joy, rather than fear.


  1. Getting COMFY provides you with SOME structure

I am as all over the place as they come. I’ve got multiple projects going on at one time, can never fully commit to one, and I’m often too scared of the “what if” to give one up. I don’t love following a rigid schedule because it feels too normal, but Getting COMFY affords me the opportunity to still have some structure, but make it my own.


The guide is designed so that there are recommendations each day, but it is ultimately your own routine, totally based on you in the end. Which leads us to our next point…


  1. Getting COMFY gives you something that is yours

This has been the common theme throughout, but having something that is yours is so powerful. Whether it is a hobby, a skill, an interest, or a full routine, it is something that you are proud of, that you own, and that differentiates you from others. It is your, “Tell me a fun fact about yourself” that you can always share. We should all have something that makes us, well us, and Getting COMFY should be it.


  1. Getting COMFY allows you to craft your story

There’s an exercise I like to use when I evaluate decisions and life choices. It’s a frightening process, but it truly grants me the opportunity to lead the life I want to live.


I often think, what story do I want to tell my kids when I am 50 years old? What story do I want to tell my grandkids when I am 80? Do I want to tell a story with a steady path, without much excitement, with years at a time in which I did the same thing? Or do I want to build a story with twists and turns, highs and lows, spontaneity and adventure that is captivating and inspirational? I’d choose the latter.


Use Getting COMFY to create this story. Craft your story into one that you would want to hear. Make your life exciting, make it unique, and make it yours.


Get up, get ready, and Get COMFY!


Getting COMFY, specifically, is a 5-step morning routine to energize the body and soothe the mind.


Getting COMFY, more broadly, is a movement based on Getting COMFY waking up in the morning, Getting COMFY in your own skin, and Getting COMFY with the rest of your life.


Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness, is a book coming out on January 31st that highlights these ideas.


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