Enough Focusing on What Everybody Else Wants You To Do

Visualize this scenario for a few seconds:


You’re grinding every single day to get your body ready for your dream vacation at the world’s finest beach resort. You have a few months to prepare, and you have some experience at the gym, but you’d rather get some insight from a few different resources to ensure the ultimate physique.


You do a little research online and you see that you’re supposed to be training 6 times per week to reach your ideal goal. Then you double check with a personal trainer at the gym who says you only need to workout 4 times to get to where you want to be. Then you chat with your friend’s friend, who is a former bodybuilder, who says you need to be doing something 7 days a week to be successful. Finally, you go to your parents because they always have your best interests in mind, and they tell you that you don’t have to exercise at all because you’re perfect just the way you are.


So which one do you choose?


None of them. Too often, we are exposed to too much information, spoiled with advice and recommendations, and ultimately, plagued by indecision. We become anxious by the thought of the process and lose sight of the end result. When we are granted access to so many different options, we fail to choose any of them.


But if we focus on a particular process, or a particular option, one that we choose for ourselves, one that we stick to and give all of our effort, the results will follow. We have to give ourselves permission to forego what another source may think, to forego what journey another path may take us on, and choose one that we best believe is right for us.


It is an appropriate time to say that I fully understand the irony of this as I am literally typing out what I want you to do.


This is the paradox of personal development. We are steadfast in our pursuit to better ourselves, but we are dependent on others to do so. This is okay. It takes a bit of guidance to fully find who you are. It is necessary to be reliant on one source or a few sources to improve. More on this in a bit.


What’s not okay is becoming overwhelmed by the overabundance of advice, experts, and opinions there are.


“Angela Duckworth tells me it is my grit and persistence that will make me successful. But, Tim Ferriss embraces my quality of life and freedom to enjoy it as the main factors for happiness. Then again, Gary V does work 24/7 to get what he wants, and he’s pretty successful. And oh yea, there is that awesome author Sarah Knight who tells me I don’t need to give a fuck about anything!”


This interwoven, discombobulated, and convoluted thought process is detrimental if you are looking to start changing your life as soon as possible. Yes, if you go in with the notion that you are going to learn a little bit from each and create best practices for yourself, then that’s cool. But, if you are looking for the solution to be somewhere clear-cut in this madness, then you are shit out of luck.


You are going to become consumed by the methodology, rather than become excited about the end goal.


I mentioned that we must stick to one or a few choices or else we will fall victim to the logic above, which is like a he said she said of personal development thought leaders. Analyze a few methods, feel them out, experiment, and then stick to one. Or, create a method that works best for you by making your own. You’re going to be the only person who knows exactly what you want and how to do it.


Because at the end of the day, you just want that fucking beach body right?



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