5 Most Essentials Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor Before Having Laser Eye Surgery

Suppose you have been a victim of the troublesome experience of using eyeglasses. In that case, you will likely not think twice about embracing a permanent solution to correct your vision without needing eyewear. Contact lenses and eyeglasses are effective in their rights. They are suitable for fixing vision problems on a long-term basis. But they can make life more complicated, especially if your profession requires engaging in vigorous activities. 

Laser eye surgery is one of the permanent solutions to sharper and clearer vision. It is quick, safe, and cost-effective. Though it is suitable for correcting minor vision disorders, it is ideal for treating severe vision impediments that can lead to partial or total blindness, laser eye surgery sydney is a good choice for adults, it’s a method that explicitly fixes the exact problem in the eye and makes the necessary correction. No guesswork. It is almost certain that your vision becomes sharper after a few hours of the surgery.

Do you think you need laser eye surgery? 

If yes, the best thing is to have a detailed one-on-one discussion with your eye doctor to be double sure. First, you will need to book a visit with an optometrist who will run a series of eye tests to confirm if you are fit for the surgery. After you have been declared eligible according to your medical report, you can approach an ophthalmologist to conduct the surgery.  

Meanwhile, here are a few crucial questions to ask your eye doctor before proceeding to the surgery room. Your doctor must provide the correct answers to the questions to guide you in preparing for the surgery and what to expect.

5 Most Essentials Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor Before Having Laser Eye Surgery

We assume you don’t know the right questions to ask your eye doctor since it’s your first time. Hence, we have helped you to list the five most essential questions to ask for a better understanding of the procedure.

 5 Questions to Ask Before Laser Eye Surgery 

1. Am I a good candidate for laser eye surgery? 

Amazingly, you may have serious vision problems that need quick and super-effective solutions and are yet not qualified for laser eye surgery. The good news is, there is another modern technology, eye surgery, that can suffice, but surely not the laser.

For the records, people can’t just enroll in laser eye surgery. There are specific medical criteria to become a good candidate for the procedure. To be eligible, you must:

Before your laser eye surgery, your ophthalmologist will conduct a thorough examination. Your doctor will also check the moist level of your eyes and recommend the necessary precautionary treatment to minimize the risk of developing vision complications after the surgery.

To be a good candidate for laser eye surgery, you must:

  • be 18 years and above 
  • not have autoimmune diseases 
  • have overall sound health, including in the eyes 
  • not be pregnant or breastfeeding

2. Is the procedure painful?

You might be glad to hear that laser eye surgery is painless. You will open your eyes and remain conscious till the end of the surgery. Your surgeon has no reason to give you sedative medications to make you unconscious. They can only administer numbing eye drops in your eyes to avoid unconscious blinking during the procedure. Although you may be somewhat nervous during the surgery, you won’t feel any pain.

Your doctor may also administer some medications to keep your nerves calm and relaxed during the surgery. 

After the procedure, your eyes may feel somewhat itchy. Those sensations will disappear shortly after a few days or weeks.

5 Most Essentials Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor Before Having Laser Eye Surgery

3. What does laser eye surgery involve?

Laser eye surgery aims to fix the specific eye error using laser technology to correct your cornea to make it focus images better onto the retina. That simple procedure is all you need to have a perfect vision in under a few minutes. 

On the surgery day, your ophthalmologist will conduct a series of tests on the health of your entire body, including the eyes. He must be sure your medical history is accurate and up to date. He would have to numb your eyes to keep them active throughout the procedure. 

Then, your ophthalmologist will use a laser with ultraviolet beams to remove little tissues from your cornea and reshape it. This practice will enable your cornea to focus more light on the retina for better vision.

After the entire procedure, you will need to go home straight and get a sound rest for long hours. It is advisable to close every door to avoid distraction.

4. How long does it take to recover from laser eye surgery?

Generally, laser eye surgery produces a super quick result. You will start observing changes in your vision within the first few hours, but your vision will become perfect after 24 hours. The surgeon will allow you to go home immediately after the surgery. 

During the consultation period, your doctor would have instructed you to get a driver to take you home after the surgery. 

5. Should I expect to experience any side effects after the surgery? 

In rare cases, laser eye surgery may come with a few vision complications. When it happens, the best thing is to visit your doctor for proper medications. Some of the widespread sides effects you may experience after laser eye surgery may include:

  • dry eyes
  • inflammation 
  • infection 
  • under-correction 
  • Over-correction and more

Meanwhile, you don’t have to be pessimistic about having complications. You may not experience any issues afterward. It all depends on your medical status. 

In Conclusion 

It is essential to ask honest questions about the surgery before you agree to enroll. We have carefully provided the most crucial questions you need to ask and professional answers to give you a clear understanding of what to expect. We recommend you expose every detail of your health conditions to your doctor for the best results.

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